Digital Art

Digital Painting & Digital Art, in all its forms, is the newest medium for graphic artists. For those unfamiliar with computer graphics I include this explanation of this technique.  Some viewers may think that Digital Paintings look like photographs. Some do. Many Digital Artists start with a source photograph. Many of my animal Digital Paintings start with photographs. I only use photographs that are taken by me. The only time I use other peoples photos is for commissioned works sold only to that customer.

Digital Painting is like painting on canvas or paper. The artist uses a pen or mouse to move  the brush across the computer canvas. The artist selects his color, brush size and medium to be emulated. He can program the brush to behave in an infinite number of styles. The difference is that the brush is made up of pixels designed by the artist to give the illusion  of oil, watercolor, pastel, or even woodcuts, aqua tints, and etchings. The variety is endless. three dimensional brush marks are possible as are three dimensional paintings. So why paint digitally instead of traditionally, you ask? Because it’s fun, quicker than traditional methods, and offers new and endless possibilities for visual illusion.  It doesn’t take the place of oil painting or watercolor.

Digital art is different. It has it’s own set of skills. The computer helps speed up the process. It even offers creative events not possible with traditional media. The computer doesn’t eliminate or replace the skills needed or the creative act. .  Also, because the art is worked, in the medium they are printed in, the prints are PRINTS!  They are original works just as an etching, woodcut or litho is an original. Whereas a photographed  oil painting, that is printed, is a reproduction not a Print. This gives the Digital Painting as a series more value than the CiGlees printed from a scanned oil painting.